Smino Delivers ‘Luv 4 Rent’ Album

One talented man.

Smino is back at it after sharing a mixtape with us in 2020; now we get his third studio album, Luv 4 Rent.

“This whole album is about having fun and recognizing your inner love. You feel me? Straight up self love vibe,” Smino says. “I felt like I wasn’t personally doing that for myself. You feel me? And I felt like I was just giving that out too much and not really taking it in. So I was in that place, I was in the middle of that and I was like, ‘Damn, how I’ma get out of this?’ And the art imitates life, you feel me? And that’s my life. So, sh*t, that’s what I ended up making it about. Low key, this album probably just saved my life a little bit.”

Locked in with 15 songs, the album has features from J. Cole, Lucky Daye, Ravyn Lenae, Doechii, Lil Uzi Vert and more.

Listen to the album below.

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