JID Shares ‘The Forever Story’ Album

*chefs kiss*

Returning with a sequel to his 2017 debut studio album, Never Story, JID delivers The Forever Story.

“[My family] is basically a part of how I became who I am,” JID explains to Complex about including personal family stories in the album. “It gives inklings of why my [mindset] is a certain type of way. I gave more detail and in-depth stories [on this album], but there’s still more layers to be peeled back, which I am going to do because this is going to be a long process of trying to understand me. This is just a good piece of the origin story, and this is me finding that space to be more visible and present with words.”

With “2007” not being officially on the album due to sample clearances, the album sits at 15 songs with guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Yaasin Bey(!!), Ari Lennox, Earthgang, 21 Savage, Lil Durk and more.

Stream the album below.

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