Victoria Monét Is “Coastin'” On New Single

Summertime vibes.

Ms. Monét is back with the matching visuals for her latest single, “Coastin’.” It’s a family affair as her mother and grandfather join in on the fun; along with the social media star Rickey Thompson.

[The following was originally published on August 6, 2021.]
Just a year after releasing Jaguar, Victoria Monét is back with a new single titled “Coastin’.”

“I actually made [the song] in the winter time, so it was an interesting, nice way to escape, because we were still pretty quarantined and social distanced,” Monét said about the song. “So I was able to jump into a summertime that I wish existed and was really inspired by some old classics, one being ‘Tell Me’ by Groove Theory. I just wanted that energy.”

Listen below.

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