J. Cole Returns With New Album, ‘The Off-Season’

Cole World.

At the end of 2020 J. Cole let it be known via social media that he’s got three albums left before he hangs up the mic; today we get the first of those with The Off-Season.

“(The Off-Season) represents the practice, the training, the drills, the intensity, the craft,” Cole explains. “It represents pushing yourself. Even if all of the songs and the verses that were made during that time period can’t make The Off-Season, the project still embodies all of them. Once you get to the season, it’s too late to get better. You’ll get better naturally, but what you know is what you know. You’re getting that shit off in the off-season. So that’s really what it represents. It represents the time spent getting better and pushing.”

Unlike the past few albums, Cole decided to get some features on this one from 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Bas and Morray.

Stream the album below.

2 comments on “J. Cole Returns With New Album, ‘The Off-Season’

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