Wale Makes Strong Statement With “Sue Me” Visuals

Wow... what a video.

Taking the intro track, “Sue Me,” off his Wow… That’s Crazy, Wale matches the energy with just as powerful a video.

“What if you could walk through a day in the life of an average African American young man?” Wale asks. “What would you see? What would you hear? What would you face? We wanted to redefine the whole narrative and allow everybody to step into these shoes. I’ve never been more proud of a video than what we did here. Kerby really brought this vision to life, and Reebok helped make it a reality. I hope it makes you think a little. While you’re thinking, stay safe and stay home!”

The short film depicts life of an alternate world where white people are minorities as it follows a white teen played by the Oscar nominated Lucas Hedges. Watch the thought provoking video below, directed by Kirby Jean-Raymond.

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