Stream The Jacka’s Posthumous Album, ‘Murder Weapon’


Prior to passing in 2015, The Jacka was working on an album titled Murder Weapon. Fast forward to today his team and loved ones have completed what he started and released to the masses.

“It’s a mixture of songs that were recorded specifically for the album and other great records that he recorded around the same time,” a member of Jacka’s management says. “Some of the songs were fully done and others we completed by adding features from artists that he was close to or wanted to do music with. The goal was to finish the album as close to how he would have done it as possible.”

With a total of 13 songs, led by “Can’t Go Home” with Freddie Gibbs, there are also features from Husalah, Styles P, Curren$y, Berner, Cormega and more.

Stream the album on any of your preferred DSP’s.

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