E-40 & Richie Rich Sit Down To Squash Their Beef


Seems like the waters have calmed in the Bay Area after a heated Super Bowl weekend.

E-40 and Richie Rich had a few exchanges on social media over the 49ers loss which quickly turned ugly when 40 called Rich a “rat.”

Rich simply responded with a video the following day giving E-40 48 hours to back up these allegations with any documents. The way this was headed, Snoop Dogg even stepped in to intervene and give his two cents, “Double R. Y’all need to holla away from social media we grown now. I expect more out of both of y’all. We the west the lil homies watching to c how to resolve issues as men I’ll delegate if I must we all we got I love both y’all and want peace.”

Luckily for everybody, the Bay legends did just that as they met up to grab a bite to eat and hash out their misunderstandings. The meet up and talk was recorded, watch below.

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