SiR Returns With ‘Chasing Summer’ Album

About to be in heavy rotation.

After joining TDE, SiR released his debut album November; now with RCA Records in his corner too, he returns with Chasing Summer.

“When you’re a kid, and you’re talking about summer, you’re talking about no school and relaxing and being able to do whatever you want all day,” SiR tells DJ Booth. “As an adult, when you’re talking about summer, it’s vacation. Same thing, having the freedom to live how you want. That’s the overall theme of the album, being free and being able to live how you live.”

The 14-track album is led by “Hair Down” with Kendrick Lamar and also has features from Lil Wayne, Jill Scott, Smino, Sabrina Claudio, Zacari and Kadhja Bonet.

Listen to the album below or on any streaming platform.

8 comments on “SiR Returns With ‘Chasing Summer’ Album

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