Mac Miller Found Dead At 26

You will be missed.

According to TMZ, Mac Miller was found dead at his San Fernando Valley home this afternoon from an apparent drug overdose.

Mac had a history and had spoken openly about his substance abuse and dealing with depression, music was his therapy. Earlier this year, after splitting with Ariana Grande, Mac hit a light pole and was arrested for a DUI. He explained afterwards, “Best thing that could have happened. I needed that.” and told his fans not to worry about him, because he’s doing fine.

Then in August the Pittsburgh artist delivered his fifth studio album, Swimming. I can’t sit here and say I’ve been a big Mac Miller fan since day 1 but I can say he continuously impressed me project by project til I couldn’t help but be a fan and support him. Just like him, I couldn’t wait for The Swimming Tour to start as the first show was going to be here in the Bay Area, but life is just unpredictable.

Prayers to his family and loved ones. RIP Malcolm…

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