Joe Budden Is Making Big Moves!

Congrats to Joe and the whole team!

Media Joe Budden has been consistently growing and now he’s ready to take it to the next level with two BIG announcements.

Following the split with Complex and Everyday Struggle at the end of 2017, Joe Budden joined Diddy’s REVOLT network and announced the State of the Culture show. A few months have passed without any detail being shared, but now we get a promo video with the shows premiere date: Monday, September 10th.

Watch his “press conference” below.

The good news doesn’t end their for the former-rapper-turned-media-man, his very popular The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory, Parks and Mal has landed an exclusive partnership deal with Spotify.

The Joe Budden Podcast will make the jump to Spotify on September 12th and will be releasing two episodes a week instead of one. And for those of you like me who watch it on YouTube, it’ll still be uploaded there.

Check out the announcement below.

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