Kanye West Releases ‘ye’ Album

Entirely produced by Mr. West.

As promised, Kanye West delivers his eighth studio album titled ye.

A few weeks ago Kanye revealed the release dates for five albums that he’s producing, including this. Just like last weeks release, Pusha T’s DAYTONA album, there were no details given other than it being a seven track project. Kanye being Kanye he debuted the album by streaming the listening party, which took place in Wyoming of all places.

Not sure if it was because of NBA Finals starting last night or just Kanye’s fuckery in the recent years that didn’t have me excited for this album. The cover (which Kim Kardashian says was made on the way to listening party on his phone) and the first track on the album just tell me that Kanye might be calling out for some help; ye overall has a dark feel to it from the first listen through.

The album is now available on all streaming platforms, so give it a listen now.


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