Raury Returns With “Odyssey”

He's baaack...

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from Raury, as it’s been over two years since he dropped his debut album, All We Need.

Today, Raury returns with a new song titled “Odyssey,” where he flows over some simple guitar strings. Along with the track he included the following message:

Here is a song breaking down exactly how I feel in this stage of my life as a light worker in such a dark industry. I don’t know how all my idols got turned into something else but I can’t give in and play “the game” I would much rather rip myself from this labyrinth of ego, manipulation and greed. Trust my fans and know that for the music I give them I can survive. I just want to jam with my friends in the woods, be liberated of the matrix, and leave the keys behind.

Until then i promise you I never quit music, it just Takes one hell of a plan to move ice across the desert. I will protect my vision, I will deliver these messages, I will not be stopped.

Will be playing in the woods, selling t’s giving music for free and leading a career that actually helps people. No longer with LVRN no longer with Columbia. I now embark on a Journey aligned with my artistic purpose.

Come to the woods

Listen to the track below.

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