Rest In Peace Fredo Santana

Leaves behind a legacy at the age of 27.

Fredo Santana was known as one of the front runners for pushing Chicago’s drill movement and helped make way for a lot of new artists of this generation. Fredo came into the music scene in 2012 with his cousin, Chief Keef, as they started their Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE) label.

On Friday night Fredo was found dead in his Los Angeles home by his girlfriend. Although an autopsy is pending TMZ is reporting he had suffered a massive seizure, which was the cause of death.

Last year Fredo was rushed to the hospital for kidney and liver failure, possibly due to his use of lean. Upon being released from the hospital he even thought of heading to rehab and becoming a leader for his peers to slow down with the drug use.

Fredo leaves behind an 8-month-old son.

RIP Derrick Coleman…

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